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About the Boat

What makes a good lower Columbia and ocean fishing boat:

Big, fast and maneuverable.  My custom made Pic-Nic welding
guide sled has particularly high sides, is nearly 30ft long, 9 1/2
feet wide, extremely heavy and has a 19 degree deep V front
to back.  Powered with a 2016 250Hp Yamaha 4 stroke main
outboard and a 2015 9.9hp Yamaha 4 stroke kicker.

Being heavier means less "corking around" when trolling and
running.  Having the deep V helps the boat cut the waves,
rather then bounce on them.  Being long allows us to sit on top
of multiple smaller wind waves, keeping the boat still on its long
axis.  Being wide keeps the boat from pitching side to side and
rolling very far when more weight is put on one side than the
other.   Ride around on a windy day in an upriver, lightweight,
flat bottom Alumaweld, North River or any other upriver boat,
then on mine and you will fully understand the advantage.

This is a very nice, huge downriver sled, outfitted well for both
lower river and ocean fishing.

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