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What to Bring

Please Bring:
Appropriate clothing (suggest you dress in layers for forecast temperatureminus 30-40 degrees with head to toe waterproof clothing)
Rain gear (Even if the weather is supposed to be perfect, bring rain gear!)
Rain gear (I really mean it, bring rain gear).
Food and drinks.
Appropriate shoes or boots.
Sun screen.
Appropriate fishing license and tags. (usually available for purchase right on the boat)
Chap stick.
Large cooler for fish. (Not necessary to bring onto boat)
Consider motion sickness and other medications that may be appropriate.
We will happily provide:

Bait when appropriate.
Quality Rods and Reels.
All appropriate tackle.
First Aid Kit
Life jackets (please let us know if you have children in your group and their body weight)
A great chance to catch fish!

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